Monday, November 10, 2008

The week of Anne is a Man

At this early point on Monday morning, I am not yet decided on what precisely I am going to write in the coming week. There are however a number of options available.

For one, we have a couple of possibilities to write about classics. I have still an old Philosophy Bites issue about Socrates, I could write about. Last In Our Time paid attention to Aristoteles and there is the Yale course (not a podcast) Introduction to Ancient Greek History.

Going out of the western world, we have MMW 4 that expanded from the Mongols to the Mughals and the Ming dynasty. Veertien Achttien looked at Japan in World War I. And I have a number of UChannel Podcast issues to attend to, among others about India.

Back to the Western Culture, Namaste Stories has an adventure in the classroom, Shrink Rap Radio spoke with Nova Spivack and the Hebrew podcast מה שהיה היה had an issue about Jacques Brel. On TED was a lecture about the good life.

Finally, I want to add a post in the instruction series. In iTunes there is a new feature to define settings per podcast.

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