Thursday, July 20, 2017

There is more, but is it better?

In case you did not notice, I was interviewed by Zack Twamley on his podcast When Diplomacy Fails. He asked me: "Did history podcasting get better since you began your blog?" My answer was YES, mostly because there are more history podcasts than ever and everybody has got the technicalities of the audio and the supplies right, and most of all: I got excited again. It got me blogging again - for a bit.

In a way I evaded the NO that is enclosed in the answer; there is more, but is it better? Maybe NOT.

I did not entirely evade it; I did get excited again about podcasts and as I told Zack, I also got passionate about some things that are not right about podcasts. I do not know how to write about it though; as I put it in the interview: I do not like to be Anne is a grumpy man. Yet I am willing to give it a try.

It just so happens I am on a bit of a break - so let's have it. Anne is a Man about the things that irritate, aggravate and most of all worry him in the world of history podcasts.

Listen to part 1 of WDF meets grumpy Anne and part 2 of WDF meets grumpy Anne.

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