Friday, June 20, 2008

The podcast playlist on Anne is a Man!

I could pick out one choice podcast, listened to, but what about something else? How about sharing my listening schedule with you? I'd like to show you the casts I listen to which may appear reviewed in the blog in the coming days. Provided I find something valuable to write about them.

Big Ideas
A Canadian public Radio production. A new podcast for me to try out.

The Birth of the Modern
A History course from Arizona State University. The course covers the late middle ages and the Renaissance. For those who want to listen along, I have a first tip: skip the first two introductory lectures; they contain nothing but technical and administrative matters for the students of the course.

Church History
This is a new podcast on the try-out list. I have no idea what to expect. The program looks like a thorough outline from the early years until the Middle Ages. Where the line between history and theology will be drawn and how much we are going to get from each, remains to be seen.

History according to Bob about 1000 AD
Bob's journey around the world in a little over two hours.

Existentialism in Literature and Film
Hubert Dreyfus teaching philosophy at Berkeley. I am still digesting the last lecture about Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling. I have skipped the Brothers Karamazov and took an initial whiff of Nietzsche's Gay Science.

Stem Cells: Policy and Ethics
An enhanced podcast from Stanford. Part of a quest on this blog: getting some quality input in the ethics around bio-technology.

Podcasts about Euro 2008
The football podcasts are not exactly my taste, but since I am closely following the tournament in Austria and Switzerland, I cannot forgo them. I am missing The Beautiful Game, which was the best in 2006. We make do with The Guardian, the BBC and a couple of others.

On the video: one happy coach...

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