Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 2008 on Anne is a Man - new podcasts

It has been a fascinating month. The report a podcast feature on the blog has started working really well. People report their podcasts and I have begun reviewing upon request. The immediate result is that my attention has been drawn to fictional podcasts. I knew they were around, I had tried it a little bit and then abandoned. The requested reviews have made me listen anew. With precious results; see how many new podcasts reviewed in the Arts section.

Namaste Stories (review, site, feed)
A total immersion podcast. The host makes the music, writes the (very literary) text and reads it, with a restrained passion that is mesmerizing.

New World Orders (review, site, feed)
A thriller and conspiracy plot brought to audio by a team that alternately seem to take the genre seriously and then seem to mock it a bit by using all the cliches of the trade.

Entitled opinions  (review, site, feed)  
From Virgil to the Virgin Mary, from the historical Jesus to Athenian Democracy; Entitled Opinions, with its braggadocious title, earns it.

Behind the Black Mask (review, site, feed)
Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards sit down with Crime/Mystery/Noir authors and dissect their work.

Out of the past (review, site, feed)
An examination of films influenced by the Film Noir movement.

Science Fiction and Politics (review, site, feed)
Political Science course using ideas in SciFi novels as illustration.

Welcome to Mars (review, site, feed)
Creator Ken Hollings collects non-fiction oddments about the fantastic futuristic world of the fifties.

Red Panda (review, site, feed)
Audio drama full of kung-fu and snappy dialog. You will love it most for the wonderful characters and their dialogue.

Night's Knights (review, site, feed)
A gritty piece of fiction effectively working the art of horror.

7th Son (review, site, feed
A thriller trilogy so compelling I couldn't stop listening.

In the category of History Podcasts and Nederlandse Podcasts:
Geschiedewistjedatjes (review, site, feed)
Dutch podcast. Zeer simpele geschiedenis podcast. Kleine weetjes in minder dan twee minuten per podcast.

Sterke Geschiedenis (review, site, feed
Dutch podcast. Kris kras door de wereldgeschiedenis met Tom Tacken, een groot verteltalent.

Veertien Achttien (review, site, feed)
Dutch podcast. Tom Tacken vertelt de eerste wereldoorlog in korte biografietjes

In the category of Science Podcasts:
Replaceable You (Stanford) (review, site, feed)
Stanford's third lecture series about stem cell research and all that is involved in the field. This series concentrates on the subject of regenerative medicine.

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