Saturday, February 28, 2009

New podcasts in February 2009 - Anne is a Man

The month of February has been ravishingly busy although that is not reflected in the amount of new podcasts I have reviewed this month. Only three in total:

Stuff you missed in history class (review, site, feed)
Very light history podcast by How Stuff Works dot com. Every week a short dialog about a wide variety of history subjects such as Marco Polo, the Plague and revisionist history.

From Israelite to Jew (review, site, feed)
Bible Scholar and religious Jew Michael Satlow in a podcast series revealing the history of the Jewish people in the pivotal transitional post-exilic period in which they transformed from being a nation (Israelites) to a religious ethnic group (Jews). There is also a very loosely related episode about the Talmud in this series.

De Geschiedenis Podcast (review, site, feed)
A podfaded history podcast in Dutch by Hugo Teerds with a particularly worthwhile episode about the Code of Hammurabi.

Two podcasts were suggested to me this month, but I could not come around reviewing them:

Something Live (feed); a music podcast by P.J. Shapiro delivering his own work. Although I did not manage to review the podcast I did come round listening to P.J.'s music and liked it enough to download and keep for repeated listening what he offered on MP3.

The boxcutters podcast; a very entertaining Australian podcast that reviews television, in Australia. I found it amusing, but did not see how I could review a podcast about TV that I won't watch. But if you are in Australia, go ahead and check this out.

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