Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ben Dunlap at TED

I do not usually review vodcasts. I am one of many people whose portable player carries neither the file size nor the screen to render visuals. On occasion I do however follow some video streaming on line. I still love audio better, but surely there is much to be cherished in film as well. A very good carrier is and one of its latest releases was so unbelievably good. I simply had to report it. (By the way, TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design, as I saw explained on one of the speaker's sites, about whom more below.)

Ben Dunlap is the president of Wofford College in South Carolina. On this video he delivers a heartening speech on human nature, the human condition and reaching to an emotional plea for education and vigorous moral life. He does so by relating about three Hungarians: Sandor Teszler, Bela Bartok and Francis Robicsek.

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