Monday, February 2, 2009

Stuff you missed in History Class

Thanks to the discussion boards on The Podcast Parlor I found out there is a history podcast named Stuff you missed in History Class (feed). This is yet another podcast by How Stuff Works, which also brings the history podcast Fact or Fiction aside podcasts that are not about history.

The formula of How Stuff Works is that of the dialog and this is applied in Stuff you missed in History Class as well. A question is raised and two speakers smoothly discuss the subject. The efficacy is great. You will be updated on issues such as the possibility that the Chinese got to America before Columbus did in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes (with the occasional cast just under 30 minutes). In addition the episodes are released very regularly, up to once every two days.

This is exactly according to the formula I'd give to any new podcaster: release regularly, keep it short and use different voices. Still, I did not connect to the podcast personally. The dialog is too scripted. The subjects are too fancy. Something about this podcast is not genuine. Or maybe it is just too light for my taste. And if so, then it is exactly the right kind of history tidbit podcast for the leisure listener.

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