Tuesday, December 22, 2009

8 podcasts I listened to

Exploring Environmental History - Jan Oosthoek speaks with Christian Pfister about the memory of extreme weather conditions. As memories are culturally determined, so are the data as historic sources deliver them to us. He argues that with cultural interpretation valuable data can be salvaged from the sources that would otherwise be discarded as scientifically untrustworthy. (site)

Norman Centuries - had a short edition about Richard the good. This is a podcast by history podcast veteran Lars Brownworth. (site)

In Our Time - BBC's excellent program about the history of ideas. Since my last review this weekly pprogram has continued with one jewel after another. Especially noteworthy are the issues about The Silk Road, about Pythagoras, radiation and Schopenauer. (site)

Religious Studies (Berkeley) - This is an introduction by Niklaus Largier about the development of Christian Theology. It should have been called Christian Studies, by the way. I tend to pick out lectures that address figures I want to know more about. Here I want to recommend the lecture about Luther - lecture 11. (site)

Hardcore History - Dan Carlin's very special podcast about history. Carlin is an artist in telling history. If you have problems listening to the latest issue (Suffer the children - about the history of children), delete the chapter, unsubscribe and resubscribe to the new feed. You will get a fixed version. (site, feed)

Dante (Yale) - Professor Guiseppe Mazzotta promises to take us through Dante's Divine Comedy (in English translation). I have heard the first lecture and plan to continue. (site)

History of India - I have reminded you before of UCLA's course by Vinay Lal, but here is another reason to do it again. A blog about the History of India (Varnam) produced a commentary regarding the Saraswati controversy. He disagrees with Lal that the 'Saraswati hypothesis' is held by Hindu nationalists only.

Ersatz TV - Last but not least, there was a new vodcast issue of Ersatz TV.