Monday, August 18, 2008

7th son - Fictional podcast review

Since I started digging into fictional podcasts I ran frequently into the name J. C. Hutchins. I had heard of Hutchins before and now that I began to understand what a name he had made for himself in the world of fictional podcasts, I decided to investigate on his podcast novel, 7th Son. Then I found out this series has reached beyond its third book and its first cycle. (legacy feed)(current feed)

I should have listened back in 2006 when the novel began and quickly developed into a success. Hutchins has made a very effective and professional novel weaving together elements of SciFi, conspiracy and thriller genres. Apart from great story telling and a podcast worked out to the finest details, Hutchins also shows the ability to work his audience, create a community and let it take and active part in the podcast's success. But let's give a hint to the story.

Picture this: One day you are abducted and taken to an ultra-secret facility where you find out you are not the real you, but a clone, enriched with the childhood memories of the original. And there are six more sods like yourself. Of course, conform the genres, this part of a big conspiracy, is a global plot and a pretext to some hefty action, but what sets Hutchins apart is that he has worked out the characters and psychology of the seven clones very well and apart from the regular thriller stuff makes us partake in what they go through which greatly enriches the drama.

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