Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tuvshin - ode to a fellow blogger

As a blogger you thrive on feedback and since there is usually none, you understand your quality from links. In my early days as a blogger, when I received no feedback mail and no comments, suddenly there was a link. Someone who decided to link to my blog. The first one in cyberspace to recognize the existence of Anne is a man!

That first link came from Tuvshin of Tuvshin's Web Log. A blogger who simply listed my blog among his links in the sidebar. Podcast reviews it says plainly and so it does until this day. I suppose you need to be blogger or one with a fledgling web site to understand the excitement about your first link. I was all the more excited when I saw who linked: a student from Mongolia.

Tuvshin's blog is largely in Mongolian, so there is very little I could find out about him. He might be studying abroad for all I know. Nevertheless, it shows the globalized character of  cyberspace, that is was a Mongolian student, who was the first to detect a a blog by a Dutch, Israeli about mostly American podcasts.

Also referring to my blog:
George Hageman (Military History Podcast),
Professor Charles Lipson (University of Chicago)