Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth Revolution - Philosophy Bites

This post is in some ways a follow up of the previous one, Helprin on Copyright. In my review I already expressed my idea: even if Helprin is right that copyright needs extension and that the modern information age is taking a huge toll on writing, I have a feeling it can't be helped. Our world has changed and our solutions to problems such as the protection of writings need to change accordingly.

This radically changing world of hours is called the Fourth Revolution by Luciano Floridi on Philosophy Bites. He sees the fundamentally different way in which we handle information these days as a major revolution in humanity, one that decidedly changes the way we experience ourselves and our environment. By these terms Helprin seems to voice not only a concern but also a mind set of a gone age.

Our access to information is nearly instantaneous. We communicate with people all over the world, we have a significant electronic identity and cross traditional borders with an ease that was previously unimaginable. This goes for the digitally versatile. Next to them a new subclass emerges of those are not taking part in this rapid exchange, either by choice or for lack of ability. Listen to Floridi how this, in his mind, changes our selves, our sense of community and our sense of environment.

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