Monday, August 17, 2009

Human Impact on the Environment - lectures 9 and 10

I have directed you to UCSD's podcast BILD 18 before. Make sure you download all lectures, in order to secure them, before they are taken off line, which is to be expected by the end of the summer semester. While doing that, you can skip lecture 9 because it is empty.

Immediately after that, lecture 10 is highly recommended. This lecture is not as planned according to the BILD 18 course website about Ozone Depletion, but rather about Species Extinction (see lecture 11). The greatest merit of this lecture is that it relates less to the issue of species extinction and more to the problems of making this and similar problems of the environment known to the public and be perceived as to the problems as they are according to the scientific consensus. The lecturer tells of his own experiences of how he is publicly attacked and taken into doubt so effectively that the wide public thinks his and similar messages are not hard facts as they according to the real specialists are.