Saturday, May 22, 2010

Russian Rulers Podcast

Here is a new amateur history podcast that deserves a break. The Russian Rulers History Podcast has reached only its fourth episode and is still struggling with audio-issues, with Russian names and with its format and as such is still far from perfect. Yet, the maker Mark Schauss has chosen a field that is beyond the beaten track of history podcasts and on account of that alone deserves our attention. (feed)

Inspired by the pioneer of history podcasts, 12 Byzantine Rulers, Schauss is intent on telling us the history of Russia, by successively treating the Princes of Kiev, Novgorod and ultimately Moscow. This project should stretch over a dozen centuries and after four episodes has reached the twelfth century. Already, Schauss feels it is not enough to talk just rulers and he has announced to add rubrics with other influential figures.

As indicated, there is a lot of quality improvement still needed. The third episode has below standard audio and Schauss should also invest more practice in his text as to be able to more fluently read it when recording. Nevertheless Schauss is giving us a historic overview you are not getting elsewhere.