Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anne is a Man podcast feeds for September 2009

It is still a bit of an experiment, but I am still working on this issue: devising podcast feeds for my readers. Especially since I discovered Huffduffer, which I'd advice anyone to use, it has become very easy to create podcast feeds from assorted audio files offered on the internet.

I started out using Google Reader and here I still maintain the Iran Feed and one can also still subscribe to the legacy interviews of Martin Simek at RVU.

The new feeds are at Huffduffer | AnneisaMan. This is getting to be so big, I have to find a way of making it accessible. In any case, every tag has its own feed and so the options to subscribe for the readers are extensive. I want to point out though, that most of the tags correspond with the labels on my blog. And so if you want you can subscribe to the following label related feeds:
English - English podcasts reviewed in Anne is a Man
Nederlands - Dutch podcasts and other audio, most of which is reviewed
Deutsch - German podcasts
Hebrew - Hebrew podcasts
History - Podcasts on history in all languages
Geopolitics - Podcasts about international relations and power balance
NL Radio - Dutch radio programs in podcast.
Environment - Podcasts about environmental issues.
Philosophy - Podcasts touching on philosophical issues.
Economics - Economics podcasts
Israel - Podcasts about the problems in the Middle East and their history.
Law and Society - Subjects of social order, legal rights and government policy.
Psychology - Podcasts on psychology, psychiatry and other social sciences.
Science - Podcasts in technology and natural sciences
Culture - Podcasts with an artistic and cultural aspect.

New podcasts in September 2009 - Anne is a Man

September is the month when university courses begin. I have reviewed a number of new ones, especially from Berkeley. In addition to those there were a couple of more new podcasts I reviewed for the first time.

Academic Courses:
American Studies 101 AC (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Examining U.S. Cultures in Time.

East Asian Languages and Cultures (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Dynamics of Romantic Core Values in East Asian Premodern Literature.

Environmental Economics and Policy (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy.

History 162A (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
A very instructive course into the geopolitics of Europe from the late seventeenth to the early twentieth century.

Philosophy 135 (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Theory of meaning.

Philosophy 138 (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Philosophy of Society.

Introductory Topics in Religious Studies (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Introduction into religion with emphasis on historical, theological and anthropological notions.

Foundations of American Cyber-Culture (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Insight in the current life in cyberspace.

Introduction to Psychology (Yale) (review, site, feed)
Excellent introduction by Paul Bloom.

Conceptual Foundations of International Politics (Columbia) (review, site, feed)
A 2007 lecture series on geopolitics.

Other podcasts I reviewed for the first time:
Dogear Nation (review, site, feed)
Technology podcast which chooses its subjects from the bookmarking site Delicious

Long Now podcast (review, site, feed)
Lectures held at The Long Now, an institute which takes a long term vision.

Omega Tau Podcast (review, site, feed)
Bilingual science and technology podcast; interviews with experts. (feed in English, feed in German)

Dutch podcasts (huffduffed):
Marathon Arie Kleywegt (review, site, feed)
Marathon Interview uit 1993.

Marathon Herman Bianchi (review, site, feed)
Marathon Interview uit 1992.

Hoorspelen (review, site, feed)
Mijn Huffduffer feed met Nederlandstalige hoorspelen.

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