Sunday, August 1, 2010

Heads-up for 1 August 2010

New issues today are available for the following commendable podcasts:

Veertien Achttien, a Dutch history podcast telling the history of the First World War by means of short biographies. This week about Franz von Papen. (reviewfeed)

Volkis-Stimme, a German comedy podcast which makes fun of the news. Today: Plastik, Pitbull & Placebo. (reviewfeed)

410 podcasts reviewed on Anne is a Man

Take a look at the updated podcast list. Here you can find all the podcast titles that were reviewed on this blog with a link to the latest review. There are 410 in total.

This month I will occasionally be away enjoying a couple of vacation days. I will be writing posts in advance to make sure the blog does not get into a hiatus that will last too long. By September I hope to be back on the regular track.

During the fall I will hope to get closer to the two post a day pattern that I aspire to at this blog. One of the ways I will allow myself to make more updates is to give you a daily heads up of what good podcasts came out with new promising content that day. I hope you will like the idea. If I get round to it, I will attempt to make few such posts in August already.