Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Memory Palace fantastic find

The Memory Palace is a great podcast I cannot recommend enough (feed). I have been saying in the past that it was five minutes every two weeks you should not miss, but it is not necessarily every two weeks and the last, great, issue lasted even 9 minutes. This is not a record, there has been an episode of over 10 minutes.

Still, every time The Memory Palace comes out, you have a short (even ten minutes is short) piece of history narration that is extremely well done. Host Nate DiMeo has an exquisite feel to take a history trivia and turn it into a story full of suspense and humane irony. This he did just now with a dear and sensitive story about a serial conman. On occasion he knows how to deliver a cliffhanger, or a stark contrast with our modern mentality, but this time around none of that is the case. And still, also this time, his story is so compelling, so well delivered. It only goes to show that a good story is a good story, even if it has no dramatic turn of events, no stunning feats accomplished or any other such hyperboles.

Get this podcast. Take a subscription, do not miss any issue. It is one small download and it is tremendous fun, guaranteed.

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