Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1000 AD according to Bob

The most prolific of history podcasters, Bob Packett, has reached his 1000th podcast (History according to Bob) and to commemorate this milestone he has embarked on a series of shows around on theme. Bob, is big on theme shows, but usually does them interspersed with other themes. This time however, he has decided to stick to his tune and round off the theme in consecutive shows. The theme chosen, with the magic number 1000 in mind: a tour around the world in the year 1000.

One podcast a day Bob, has started Friday and by now, has hammered through five episodes, reaching far, but not yet finishing, though I reckon he will need no more than two or three additional episodes. And then you will be able to listen to more than two hours worth of traveling at break neck speed from Africa, to the Americas through the Pacific, Asia and Europe. As usual, Bob is so fast, I cannot keep up with him, but since podcasts drop out of his feed rather quickly, I have downloaded them all as a preemptive measure.

My first listening experience was the kick off in Africa. In the same episode he goes through the Americas, so there is a huge and rather unknown world of tribal cultures and extinct and nearly forgotten empires to touch upon. So, the attention is brief and each culture on the list deserves more than the mere mention, but having them mentioned at all in podcast is to be treasured. I like the overview and want to see where Bob is going to take it.

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