Thursday, May 17, 2007

History according to Bob

If you are into History Podcasts, History according to Bob is an inevitable find. Bob Packett is a College History professor who is just in love with telling stories. He also happens to be married to a computer savvy wife and she probably bought him all the equipment and training he needed for podcasting just have him off her back every once and a while. Have him talk into a microphone in stead of piling the history trivia onto her head, because this man is unbelievable. He cranks out the podcasts by the day. In episodes that vary from five to over forty-five minutes, he tackles one incident or era or person, taking the faithful listeners on a fast moving merry go round through world history. One day you are with the Incas the next running for president with Lyndon B. Johnson, or breathing gas in the trenches or sorting out the popes from the anti-popes and the odd anti-anti-pope.
Bob has a contagious joy for the anecdotes throughout the ages, especially when they get tragic - you have to hear Bob say the word unfortunately laughing - bizarre or even tongue in cheek. Apart from the laughs and juicy stuff, he never forgets to point out what is important to know and understand, and also always delivers his sources. He has made over 500 podcasts already, some of which can be ordered in collections on CD, though in various archives can also be found on the web. One who subscribes to the feed will probably get only 30 to 40 stories from the backlog.
I personally cannot keep up with Bob, he speaks more than I can listen, so I pick and choose on the basis of subject matter, skipping also the question and answer sections. Still I have heard probably up to 400 podcasts of Professor Bob teaching me history; I guess, Professor Bob has not yet begun.

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