Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Listening ideas for 3 August 2011 (2)

Rob Kall Bottom Up
Tom Wolff: The Power of Collaborative Solutions
Tom Wolff helps local people become coalitions and groups that help each other-- to collaborate-- simply, doing together what they cannot do apart. The problem is people have a hard time believing in their right and ability to become empowered and active participants in the community. We talk about why and how they become so disempowered-- how different parts of the system do it to us all.
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Bologna bomb
In August 1980 a bomb planted by right-wing extremists killed 85 people in Italy.
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Engines Of Our Ingenuity
Louis Braille
Episode : 2731 Invention from Injury: The Story of Louis Braille
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History According to Bob
Tea Act 1773
This show is about the Tea Act of 1773 that triggered the Boston Tea Party.
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Optimizing Brain Fitness - Saeed Ahmed quick post

Hi Anne
I wanted to draw your attention to this:

Dr. Richard Restak is a neuroscientist who, for several decades, has been writing about the brain and its function for the layperson.

Now, he has put together a course for the Teaching Company, and one of his lectures is available for free for 7 days, and available here: Optimizing Brain Fitness.

Of course, the Teaching Company would like people to view this with the hope they would buy the course, but after viewing this myself, I think it is quite good standing alone, as a general but very accurate introduction to the brain, free of jargon and details that is common in many, even introductory, university courses.

The free 30 minute video lecture is available until August 8.




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Listening ideas for 3 August 2011 (1)

Social Innovation Conversations
Jennifer Lynn Aaker - Creating Infectious Action
Imagine what it would be like to find out that your best friend had cancer; what would you do? In this keynote presentation about social media and social action, Jennifer Lynn Aker shares a touching story of what a small group of people did when they found out that their friends were dying, and how that changed the fate of leukemia patients from South Asia. Jennifer explains how the group achieved incredible results in a short time and shares the four keys to creating infectious action.
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Mahabharata Podcast
Kurukshetra, Days 7 & 8
Episode 66 - The seventh and eights days of the War. Bhisma kills a few more Dhartarastras, king Virata loses another son, and we meet Arjun's son Iravat, a Naga prince from Arjun's tour of the holy places, long long ago. We meet Iravat only to see him killed by the demon Alambusha. Alambusha is also the son of a famous father-- none other than the peculiar half-deer Rshyashrnga! In the story we get from the epic, Rshyashrnga's son is the child of a Kshatriya princess, and becomes Raja of the kingdom. We are not told where he begot this demon! Arjun and Bhisma seem ready to get down and fight, but it never seems to happen. Maybe on day 9? Duryodhana is quickly losing faith in his general, so he better do something big on the next day...
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The Korea Society
Keynote Address by Ambassador Kathleen Stephens
On July 19th, 2011, United States Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Kathleen Stephens delivered the keynote address at The Korea Society’s 2011 Annual Dinner in New York City. She spoke about the “better than ever” relationship between Korea and the United States, the importance of the free trade agreement, and her own 700-kilometer bicycle trip from Seoul to Jindo.
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Rear Vision
Who Counts? A history of the census
Next week Australia holds its census, and so Rear Vision traces the recent history of this ancient institution, to make sense of who counts, and who does the counting. While there have been systems of "enumeration" in place since the Romans, Egyptians and Chinese wanted to keep track of populations and landowners, fighting forces and minorities - the Australian system owes its origins to both English naval "musters" and colonial forms of control, and international statistical developments. So today on Rear Vision we compare the Australian census with the British census of the nineteenth century, and the census in the USA - mandated in the constitution and posited as central to nation-building and politics.
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למען המדינה והקיסר - איסורוקו ימאמוטו
הוא נולד לשושלת ארוכה של לוחמים, וגדל בהתאם להיות קצין צבא מקצועי, שלמרות הרקע המסורתי מאוד שלו,הוביל מהפכה כלל עולמית בתחום הלוחמה הימית. עמדתו המקצועית גרמה לו להחשב לאנטי-פטריוט ואולי אף בוגד בארצו, עד שהודח מתפקידו הרם והורחק מהפיקוד העליון. גם הרחקתו לא הפסיקה את מריבותיו עם מפקדיו, עד שתכנן עבורם את אפשרות הנצחון היחידה. בזכות הוצאת דבריו מהקשרם התייחסו אליהם בכלל, ובדרך הפוכה מזו שהתכוון - וכך הפך לגדול גיבוריה של ארצו מאז ומעולם, עד לתבוסתה המוחצת...
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