Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Abraham Lincoln - history podcast review

While we are in the spirit of the elections, let's pause a bit with Abraham Lincoln, the president that is considered, widely, as the best ever. The Teaching Company recently served a biography podcast about the man. (feed)

There is more audio about Lincoln to be had at the Teaching Company, but that is premium. The podcast is the promotional material. And it is good stuff. What I found especially strong was the way it was made clear how Lincoln developed into the abolitionist politician we remember. It is shown with quotes and with a careful description of the political landscape and dynamics of the day.

The podcast is tangibly coming from a commercial audio production company. It is smooth, engaging, paced and so on. Everything you need, to be taken in. It makes the lecture very sleek in comparison with traditional college material. It is a bit too over the top for my minimal taste, whereas I think, most people will actually appreciate it a lot. By all means a strong podcast.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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