Friday, July 15, 2011

A Podcast Playlist for 15 July 2011

The Invisible Hand
Pulse: Chris Gondek welcomes Douglas Hubbard back to the show to discuss the dramatic advancement on using the internet as a social and business research tool.
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The Economist
Whither the Arab Spring?
Our correspondents on the threat posed by counter-revolution and the role Islamist parties will play in Arab democracy
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New Books in Philosophy
Robert Pasnau, “Metaphysical Themes: 1247-1671“
What was the scholastic metaphysical tradition of the later Middle Ages, and why did it come “crashing down as quickly and completely” as it did towards the end of the 17th Century? Why was the year 1347 a “milestone in the history of philosophy”? And why didn’t philosophy itself collapse right along with the scholastic framework?
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Veertien Achttien
Summer edition with three new issues: Odon van Pevenage, Siegfried Sassoon and Pope Benedict XV.
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ITV Tour de France Podcast
TDF Stage 12 2011
Bastille Day and the French were gripped by Yellow Fever but stage honours went to Spain with Samuel Sanchez. The boys discuss moving day in the mountains.
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