Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The art of coherence

Paula B of the Writing Show, invited author Daniel Arenson to speak about writing fantasy. Arenson has written and published in several media and has recently brought out his first fantasy novel Firefly Island. It is the story of a land ruled by a king turned to stone and his nemesis, the minor girl, who just happens to posess the magic to challenge him. Arenson has adeptly taken on the genre and in the words of Paula, shown a very deep understanding of writing.

Arenson shows also a deep understanding of interview and under this shower of compliments and the ensuing large questions of writing, composition and publishing, he remains cool, calm and collected. What strikes me most is how he is very focussed and never during the interview strays even a millimeter from what he has to say. At times you even feel he might be in charge and he directs the transitions rather than Paula.

On his website, the first chapter of the novel can be read and here he shows a similar quality. He is very true and loyal to the fantasy genre, the tone of voice that fits to it and the choice of setting, character and use of language that naturally entails the field. Yes, indeed, this is sheer talent we see. If it is not entirely to my taste, it is maybe because I feel not enough challenged and feel that maybe Arenson hasn't challenged himself enough. Surely that should not bother him. He very coherently sticks to his tune and that is a craftsmanship that forms the major part of artistry. What frivolous, avant-garde, provocative side of artistry he is capable of, we must find out by closer inspection.