Monday, November 12, 2007

US History - from Civil War to Present

I wonder why the lectures on Berkeley's podcast featured History 7B, US History: from Civil War to Present, only once. Maybe the reason is that professor Jennifer Burns has moved on to another institution, otherwise, I'd think, this would be among the podcasts that attracts the most attention for Berkeley. Face it, the majority of internet users is American. It would only be natural for them to go for the American History podcast in great numbers. And they probably do - considering the comments on Jennifer Burns' homepage.

Nevertheless, it is History 5, European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present, that caught my attention first and which I continued to follow. Only now, I have turned to American History, in order to fill the gaps that lay in that area.

After the first lectures I am so happy, as usual with Berkeley. Professor Burns is a careful and patient lecturer. She is, on top of that, professionally aware of being on air, and makes sure the audio is always evenly effectuated. So far, we have little visuals to miss out on. Hence, After three lectures, which are intended to merely get us started, I have already learned more about the American Civil War than ever before and am eager to continue.