Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vacation time for Anne is a Man

My vacation has started. I will be away from my iPod and PC most of the time for a period of about two weeks. I will be with my wife and kids in the countryside of Israel and there will be hardly any blog posts until around August 20. If at all I manage to drop by, I will give you some very quick recommendations.

Once back, I'll be giving full gas on the blog again. Visitor stats have been dropping the last months. The only reason I still hope you all have not left me, is because the RSS subscriptions are still rising. But you have to keep your blogger going. Comment on the blog. Mark the blog at your aggregations sites, such as StumbleUpon. Send mail to people you know, who love podcasts and on-line education. Connect with the discussions on the Podcast Parlor. Thanks