Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New feed for Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Here is a hot tip for the vast majority of followers on the blog. I know you all love the history podcast Hardcore History by Dan Carlin.

This morning, without explanation or any other ado, Carlin posted in his feed a short memo that there is a new feed. "You must update your bookmark to the following URL in order to continue receiving the show." This is a line that does not show up in regular podcatchers such as iTunes, so you are very likely to miss out on it.

Here is the new feed to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. You can subscribe immediately. It contains all the shows that also sit in the old feed. With this Carlin has moved from his own server to Feedburner for the feed. The new show, who knows when, will come in the new feed only - obviously. So, subscribe.

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