Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jesus, Global Warming and more

Philosophy Bites - Nigel Warburton interviewed Don Cupitt who treats Jesus as a Philosopher. How you can make a modern, humanist freethinker of Christ. (site, feed)

Namaste Stories - Again, this narration podcast tells a tale from the perspective of a teacher. But in this class of immigrants learning the local language, I identified with the pupils. (site, feed)

Death (Yale) - arguments about body and soul and the immortality of the soul. Disappointing in the sense that some of these discussion appear to me purely semantic, but this is not accounted for. (site, feed)

Entitled Opinions - Robert Harrison gives a monologue on Wallace Stevens. High-brow literature lecture. (site, feed)

New Books in History - On the history of the trade union ILWU in the US. (site, feed)

In Our Time (BBC) - The current download is about the Samurai and as off tomorrow that one will be gone and you will be able to enjoy and issue about Mary Wollstonecraft. (site, feed)

The Kamla Show - I tried this show for the first time and heard a very charming interview with author Sadia Shepard. She went to look for her Muslim roots in Pakistan, but found Jewish roots in India. (site, feed)

Making History with Ran Levi - Global Warming need not be caused by humans. Controversial issue of this Israeli podcast about the history of science. (site, feed)

Veertien Achttien - The best history podcast in Dutch, with a weekly biography of one of the participants in WW1. This podcast will continue as long as the Great War lasted. (site, feed)