Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today in Podcast - 16 June 2011

In Our Time
Wyclif and the Lollards
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the medieval philosopher, John Wyclif, and his later followers, the Lollards. Wyclif disputed the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church and his ideas were condemned as heretical and his supporters persecuted. Dubbed the ‘morning star of the Reformation’ Wyclif was also the first person to translate the Bible fully into English. Melvyn is joined by Sir Anthony Kenny, philosopher and former Master of Balliol College, Oxford; Anne Hudson, Emeritus Professor of Medieval English at the University of Oxford; and Rob Lutton, Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Nottingham.
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London School of Economics: Public lectures and events
Reconsidering the 1948 Arab-Israeli War
The lecture will look at various aspects, some of them innovative, of the 1948 War, the first between the Arabs and Israel. Benny Morris is professor of Middle East history at Ben-Gurion University, Israel, and is the author of several books on Israeli history, including The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited.
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Mahabharata Podcast
Kurukshetra, Day 1: War is Hell
Episode 61 - It is the morning of the first day of battle. Already Krishna has revealed his great song to Arjuna, and now there are some final formalities, as Yuddistira runs to his elders on the enemy side for their blessings. Krishan tags along and tries to tempt Karna over to the Pandava side, just until Bhisma is dead. It must have been tempting, since it would have given him the chance to even kill the old bugger. But Karna is too loyal to go for such an under-handed thing. He turns Krishna down without a second thought.
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Het Marathoninterview
Afshin Elian, rechts(e)filosoof
Uit ervaring en studie is Afshin Ellian overtuigd van de schoonheid van de verlicht-liberale traditie, deze laat de meeste ruimte aan het belangrijkste voor de mens: Vrijheid. Als rechtsgeleerde טn als dichter streeft hij naar dit ideaal en legde dat ook al uit op vrijdag 19 juli 2002 aan Elles de Bruin.
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Hoor! Geschiedenis
Geschiedenis is als muziek
Een essay over het karakter van geschiedenis en de menselijke beleving van tijd
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