Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Listening ideas for 3 May 2011

We The People Stories
Encore: How Your Next Career Can Change the World
More and more, Americans are driven to careers that connect us to the social challenges of our time. How are we shifting from jobs to “encore careers” that embrace civic engagement? Renowned social entrepreneur Marc Freedman addresses these issues as he kicks off his book tour at the Center in support of The Big Shift. In a conversation with National Constitution Center President and CEO David Eisner, Freedman discusses the challenge of transitioning to and making the most of this new stage, which he believes is an urgent social imperative. He urges people to rethink their civic connections and to do work that matters, helping Americans realize the vision of the founders – an engaged citizenry.
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Mahabharata Podcast
Amba, part 1
Episode 56 - Bhisma begins telling the story of Amba/Sikhandin-- the only person, barring the Pandavas, whom he will not fight in the coming battle. The reason for this is that Sikhandin had once been a female. She was not just any female at that-- she was Draupadi's sister, and in her past life, she'd had a bad run-in with Bhisma, making her his sworn enemy from beyond the grave.
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KQED's Forum
Chris Hedges: 'The World as It Is'
Chris Hedges uses his moral compass to guide us through Iraq, Afghanistan, the West Bank and other hairy places in his collection of essays, "The World as It Is." The former New York Times war correspondent and Pulitzer Prize winner joins us to discuss his latest book, as well as his views on the decline of the American empire and the death of the liberal class.
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