Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Podcast Playlist for 23 July 2011

The Economist
Saving the euro
Markets may have rallied, but the latest deal still doesn't get Europe out of the woods, say our correspondents
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BBC History magazine
BBC History Magazine - 22nd July 2011
George Bernard describes the reign of Henry VIII and Justin Champion talks Thomas Hobbes. To find out more, visit
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Social Innovation Conversations
Dr. David Shern & Fr. Larry Snyder - The Role of the Voluntary Sector in the Era of Health Reform
Despite falling to number 49 on the list of countries ranked by life expectancy, the United States still spends roughly twice as much on health care per capita as other top-ranked nations. In this panel discussion, Dr. David Shern and Father Larry Snyder discuss the role of the voluntary sector in this period of necessary reform, and what their organizations specifically are doing to improve the quality of American lives.
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Book Review
Janet Reitman's "Inside Scientology" and Adam Ross on His New Story collection, "Ladies and Gentlemen"
This week, Janet Reitman discusses her new book, "Inside Scientology"; Adam Ross describes the inspiration for his story collection, "Ladies and Gentlemen"; Julie Bosman has notes from the field; and Jennifer Schuessler has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is the host.
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Ciencia y Genios
La herencia y el sabio hortelano. Gregor Mendel.
El 8 de febrero de 1865, el monje agustino Gregor Mendel presentaba la primera parte de sus investigaciones ante sus colegas de la Sociedad de Historia Natural de Brünn (ahora Brno, en la República Checa). Su trabajo titulado Experimentos en la hibridación de las plantas sembró las bases del conocimiento actual sobre la herencia genética.
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New Books in Russia and Eurasian Studies
Lewis Siegelbaum, “Cars for Comrades: The Life of the Soviet Automobile”
A recent editorial in the Moscow Times declared that in Moscow “the car is king.” Indeed, one word Muscovites constantly mutter is probka (traffic jam). The boom in car ownership is transforming Russian life itself, and for some not necessarily for the better. “The joy of personal mobility — that is, automobile ownership — has completely eclipsed the value of community life. But the joy of car ownership has long ceased being a joy and has instead become a burden, with traffic jams causing frequent delays, smog and even clogged sidewalks. We have created an environment that is environmentally, socially and economically harmful.”
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