Monday, August 31, 2009

New podcasts in August 2009 - Anne is a Man

Traditionally August is a quiet month on this blog. I am usually away for a week or two on vacation. This year I figured that even during vacation, I can give updates on the blog and I have taken the liberty to write ultra-short entries that simply point to one podcast or another, without further ado. And that was taken quite well. I think this is a good formula for more vacation spans and for the occasional PC-low weekend.

In addition, this month saw a couple of noteworthy endorsements of the blog, just when the readership seems to drop, so that made me very happy. On Twitter: philosophybites, liqweed, lawneuro, profron, livmaritd and varnam_blog. In blogs: Wide Awake Minds (interview with Charles Lipson) and The Podcast Place.

Then, there were four podcasts, I reviewed for the first time.

Science Talk (Scientific American) (review, site, feed)
A very charming and accessible science podcast from the Scientific American. Steve Mirsky takes up a subject for 15-20 minutes.

Dichter und Denker (University of Freiburg) (review, site, feed)
Lecture series around poets and thinkers at the university of Freiburg. (German)

Het Marathon Interview (VPRO) (review, site, feed)
Not exactly a new podcast, but rather an old one with a renewed feed. The cream of Dutch interviews since 1986. (Dutch)

Structure of English Words (Stanford) (review, site)
Lecture series on Open Stanford on language, by William R. Leben. These lectures can be had through iTunesU, but are not syndicated (no feed).

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