Friday, July 16, 2010

Exploring Environmental History (EEH podcast)

It has been some time since I have reported about the Exploring Environmental History Podcast (feed). It is with this podcast as with so many others that I follow regularly. Although I keep listening to them, I cannot find easily something new to write about them. Just as the others EEH continues to be the podcast it always was: an academic level history podcast in which the maker, Jan Oosthoek, interviews colleagues from the field of environmental history to talk about their research.

I especially enjoyed the last two podcasts in which Jan interviewed first Cath Knight and then Colin Tyner. Both podcasts had a distinct Japanese content to them. Cath Knight researched the different approach of Japan and New Zealand to conservation in general and the protection of the Asiatic Black Bear. Colin Tyner researched the environmental history of the Ogasawara Islands (which as of recent belong to Japan, but have no exclusive Japanese history).

Both podcasts are interesting, not only for the one interested in Environmental History, in these specific cases, there is also a lot of Japanese culture coming out in the mix, which, at least to me, gave a very special additional touch to them.

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