Monday, December 14, 2009

Podularity - books, writers, interviews

Here is a new podcast that I have begun to explore: Podularity. (feed) In the podcast, the host George Miller interviews writers about their books which lie in the broad category of non-fiction. A glance at the backlog (about 20 episodes) indicates a variety of subjects as large as those on my blog.

The last issue in the list dates from last month and it has been anounced that the next show will be with Hilary Mantel, the Booker Prize Winner. This interview will possibly bring the show to the world of fiction as well - we shal see. So far, I picked from the list an issue about the Huns, one about Indus Empires and the last one about Berlin. Each of these was a delight; highly recommended.

The Berlin issue saw an interview with Heather Reyes about a highly original guide to the city of Berlin. Not only good for lovers of Berlin, but also of literature. The Huns issue was an interview with Christopher Kelly who wrote a biography of Attila the Hun. More than a book about Attila, the person, it is about the people and phenomenon of the Huns and it gives the history buffs (such as myself) some precious facts about them. And lastly, Miller interviewed Alice Albinia who wrote about her travel experiences in the Indus Valley and her book that discussed the numerous empires that have ruled in the Indus.