Monday, March 23, 2009

NYT - World View podcast

Erno Mijland of the blog Alles kan altijd beter reminded me of the assorted podcasts by the New York Times. Among these is the podcast World View (feed) which is delivered by the international staff of the newspaper.

This is a weekly podcast of around ten minutes that each time takes on one subject and has one or several experts give brief answers to the most important questions. For example, last week's issue was about drones, unmanned aircraft that are being used in modern warfare. The week before that, delved into Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and his recent efforts to take a leading role in Africa and to revalue the country's status in the west. Of the old podcasts, only four are kept in the feed, so it is not a fit podcast to pick and choose subjects. It is more of the kind to stay subscribed and get quickly informed on whatever the editors choose to deliver.

Once you find a subject you want to delve into some more, the UChannel Podcast offers the length and backlog that allows for pick and choose. Taking one of the above examples, UChannel has a full length lecture about robotics in war (which is about more than just Drones). NYT gives the quick update and if their choice of subjects meets your interest, it works like a newspaper indeed. It helps you to stay generally informed. A pity this doesn't come out daily.

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Anne is a Man in the week of March 23

Here is a schedule of reviews I am planning to write this week (Monday-Thursday)

-The New York Times podcast World View with among others talk about drones in war.

-The Dutch podcast about World War I, veertien achttien delivered a biography of Colmar von der Goltz

-BBC's Thinking Allowed discusses research in social sciences and by chance also a joke about a horse named Eric.

-Making History with Ran Levi took us on a journey through our solar system, observing the weather on other planets.

-The fabulous psychology podcast Shrink Rap Radio has delivered its 200th episode.

-Ontario TV's Big Ideas ventures into crime.

-A lecture at the RSA spoke about the Public Domain or The Commons of the Mind

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