Friday, October 12, 2007

Shrinkrap and other podcasters

Podcast David van Nuys (aka Shrinkrap) went to the Podcast and New Media Expo in Southern California in stead of sitting at home making new episodes for Shrinkrapradio or Wise Counsel. In order to maintain his output rate, he took his recording equipment with him and interviewed a charming collection of other podcasters on the conference spot.

The best interview is immediately at the beginning. Dave speak with Doug Kaye from The Conversations Network. He describes how he set up a non-profit organization and mad a point of collecting content for podcasts in the realm of institutions that would only work with non-profit organizations. He turns their audio into podcasts, thus making public conferences, lecture series and the like. His idea is that there is a value curve. A media consumer will want to listen to content that really matters for him and stick to that very loyally. So he wants to give that kind of content, even if that doesn't bring in a big listenership. What is the point is the value it represents to the listeners.

Other podcasters that are featured are from Trucker Tom, The Book of Life, Divacast, Podchick and more.