Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Podcast review: Historypod

Do you want a five to ten minute history lesson? Would you like to know what was the famed warship Wasa? Or what was it with the Zimmermann telegram? The Historypod podcast delivers this material. Five to ten minute podcasts taking on interesting subjects of world history and effectively deal with them in such a short time.

Host Alan Joyce took on this podcast out of his own curiosity with what he calls 'some of the lesser known stories in history.' His disclaimer is he is not is historian, but to his credit, in podcasting this need not be a problem. With good reading he accomplishes this task and throws in some good podsafe music and sound effects for good measure. Light history lessons at their best.

So what was it with Wasa, and with Zimmermann? You can find this out by listening just as long as reading this review. Wasa was the Swedish warship that was going to be the most formidable battle ship in its time, but then something went wrong on the maiden voyage. And Zimmermann? Arthur Zimmermann was the German foreign minister during WW1, he sent a telegram to Mexico, which was intercepted by the British and carefully conveyed to the US Government, with considerable effect on the ongoing war.

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