Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adoration by Egoyan - Mighty Movie Podcast

I knew Atom Egoyan from The Sweet Hereafter in which Ian Holm plays a sad lawyer who needs to deal with a pretty sad law suit while simultaneously he is scrambling to help his daughter who is slipping in a destructive life style. A good movie, but no cheery one to easily let you loose afterwards.

In the Mighty Movie Podcast host Dan Persons interviews Atom Egoyan about his latest movie Adoration. The theme is as tough as with the other movie. A young boy who has lost his parents in a car accident engages in spreading a lie about his parents. Although this may be seen as a part of mourning or of search for identity, the lie in itself comes with certain consequences.

Apart from the fact that this may be a good movie, if tough, like the other one I knew, the podcast does everything to prepare you for viewing and in addition allows a peek into the thoughts Egoyan has about this film and its plot. Persons has created in this way a very valuable and I think exceptional rubric about film and we can consider ourselves very lucky this is available on podcast.

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