Saturday, April 12, 2008

Questing for Happiness - Shrink Rap Radio

For some time I had not been listening to Shrink Rap Radio, the psychology interview podcast by Dr. David van Nuys. The benefit turned out to be, I could choose from the backlog and chose to listen to an interview with the promising title The Happiness Hypothesis.

Guest in this program is Jonathan Haidt, who has done a lengthy literature analysis in which he compared the wisdom of a wide range of cultural traditions on what they had to say about morality, human feeling and happiness. Out of this research he has distilled a 'happiness hypothesis', an idea of how one could effectively quest for happiness. In the interview he systematically reveals his study, his steps and his conclusions. I was surprised to find Haidt managed to find something beyond the teachings of Buddhism, which is the most psychological of traditions and has - in my experience - the most effective handle on inner well-being. Somehow I always feel though, there is some element missing. There is too much detachment in Buddhism to my taste. The construction of Haidt looks very promising and inspiring. What a ravishing interview.

Needless to say, no such great interview could have been achieved without the incomparable host of Shrink Rap Radio, Dr. Dave. In addition to being a great podcaster, blessed with a voice naturally fit for broadcast and the necessary knowledge in the field, Dr. Dave is impeccable as an interviewer. Always keeping the natural atmosphere of free conversation, yet managing to guide the process to sufficient depth and to satisfying conclusion within the arch of 30-45 minutes. Surely one of the best podcasts around and not only great for listeners interested in psychology.

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