Monday, December 31, 2007

SRR - The Psychology Podcast

Shrink Rap Radio, the psychology podcast, has published two more episodes very shortly one after the other. Show #129 is along the traditional style of the interview podcast and show #130 is in the new live format, that is still under development, as you can sense with these episodes.

#129 - Process Work
Dr. Dave is excellent again as an interviewer. He is wonderfully agile at making the podcast sound like a natural conversation, yet at the same time carefully guiding it around so that we naturally get introduced into the subject. In this case it is the interviewed Julia Diamond and her specialty 'Process Work' which I have some to understand as a set of techniques that allow to interpret dreams, conduct therapy and generally enhance awareness. The techniques rely heavily on styles of communications, not just verbal, also non verbal. It reminds Dr. Dave of Dream Work and Gestalt Therapy - similarities that are acknowledged by ms. Diamond.

#130 - Live #5
In the live show we have a conversation between Dr. Dave, Jerry Trumbule and Douglas Davis. On of the most interesting subjects that comes up is about virtual realities such as Second Life. A listener asks from the chat why it is that in spite of the unlimited possibilities to play out fantasy, Second Life turns out to be largely a remake of reality, with sex, violence and capitalism. Far from giving a definitive answer, the show embarks on an fascinating exchange of thoughts.

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