Thursday, July 19, 2007

SRR 100

The milestone, 100th, podcast of Shrinkrapradio is a conversation between the host Dr. David van Nuys and his friend, SRR listener and promoter Jerry Trumbule. What we find out here for the first time is how Jerry has pushed and guided Dr. Dave into starting, making and developing the Shrinkrapradio podcast. So, in addition to the incomparable Dr. Dave, kudos go to Jerry Trumbule for bringing us one of the best podcasts around.

For the new listener, show #100 is a great entry into the microcosm of SRR. The show delivers highlights from some of the best of the past 100 shows. This gives a fine insight in the palette that is to be discerned. From this show as a starting point, the new listener can go back and pick and choose old shows to listen to.

Jerry and Dave's discussion go over all the aspects of the show, but if at all there is something left to be desired it is that they would have given also some attention to the listener community. By means of a Frappr map and comment pages of each show, SRR has also built a kernel of faithful listeners and I am sure that their very existence has also contributed to the show. Some of them became interviewees, others have had their email questions attended to in the show and maybe most importantly, have given Dr. Dave the necessary backup and stimulants to keep up the good work. The great work.