Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doubt - Speaking of Faith review

On Speaking of Faith Krista Tippett spoke with Jennifer Michael Hecht about Doubt. Doubt seems like an enemy of faith or at least a problem to wrestle with, an emotion that is not welcome in faith and therefore, neither in religion. Doubt seems the realm of a negative philosophy, but as we find out in the program, none of that is the case.

Hecht made a study of the great doubters in religion and philosophy and apart from finding about thir tremendous contribution, she also found them to be negative hardly at all. Doubt can give rise to freedom, love of life and dedication to faith even. If anything, you leave this program optimistically happy with your own doubts.

The tradition of doubt is traced back to the Greeks with Socrates, with the Cynics and with the Epicures, but also to the Jewish sources, most notably Job. The effect is fundamental on both Christianity as well as modern philosophy and science. Doubt comes out as a quality, an essential element in thinking. Without doubt, there is no search, no development, no depth. There will be only fundamentalism.

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