Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rabbi Heschel - SOF podcast review

Speaking of Faith did a program about the late rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. It is not the first podcast I heard about this figure. Larry Josephson's Only in America about 350 years of Jewry in the US, had an interview with Peter Geffen, which extensively commemorated Heschel. (feed)

Thus, I had some previous knowledge. I knew he had marched with Martin Luther King and he had opposed the Vietnam war. He was a theologian to take both his studies and his activities seriously. He and King found each other in their views on the prophets. Krista Tippett speaks with a student of Heschel's: Arnold Eisen.

Eisen not only brings in these facts about Heschel, but also a fine point how Heschel had inspired Eisen. How Heschel had explained secularism by typifying religion as having become dull and irrelevant. Yet Heschel was deeply religious and a mystic to boot. All this led to a remarkable life and work delivering much inspiration, also in the indirect podcasts as Tippet's and Josephson's.

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