Monday, April 12, 2010

Anne is a Man readers report podcasts

Here are some podcasts reported by readers of the blog:

Flat 29 (feed)

Hi Anne,

I realise you don't focus on comedy podcasts too much, but wondered if you might fancy a brief look at our new podcast, Flat 29's Big Book of Everything? We would love to see what you think of it! Its available at

Here is a brief description of the show:
Flat 29's Big Book of Everything is a weekly comedy podcast cataloguing and discussing the contents of our universe. Each week a new chapter is released tackling a new and exciting subject.

Full of useless trivia, rambling anecdotes, ludicrous discussions, and a new comedy song every week, Flat 29's Big Book of Everything is an enjoyable way to expand your knowledge about everything (as long as you currently know nothing at all about anything)
Hope you enjoy it!

WTF with Marc Maron (feed)

Reported through the Podcast Parlor:

It is VERY funny and philosophical. In fact It is the philosophical angle which connects with of the other things I have been discussing. If you decide to listen the the most recent episode (featuring Dave Hill), you will hear Marc expound on his relationship with his cats. You'll have to listen for yourself because I don't want to ruin it. Suffice it to say he quickly covers the metaphysics of "self", "identity," and "religion," in this context.

Enjoy this; pure fun.
Saeed Ahmed

Bob and Dan Cast (feed)

Hey Anne,

I like the site and wanted to request a review.

The Bob and Dan Cast ( It's comedy and film mostly but sometimes it goes other places.

I won't leave a review, as doing so would be a tad unethical (I'm the Dan in "Bob and Dan")

Not sure if you take requests from the podcasters themselves, but thought I'd give it a shot anyway.

Keep up the good work!


The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (feed)

From a post at SFF Audio:

Damn and blast both David Barr Kirtley and John Joseph Adams!

These two rogues are the hosts of The Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy podcast. I have had good reason to curse them publicly. Their podcast is both a terrific listen week after week, and is often horning in on SFFaudio’s territory (by talking about audiobooks). I’ve held my tongue until this latest incident. These two hoseheads, Kirtley and Adams, have now gone too far! They’ve poached Dan Carlin as their guest for next week’s podcast.

This is a scandalous thievery. We posted our plan to get Carlin a full 4 Hours and 44 minutes before they did!

And so while I cannot possibly condone their unwarranted guest poaching, I cannot also, in good conscience, deny their podcast’s high quality. Thus it is with disgust I must hold my nose and recommend you subscribe to The Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy podcast.

But also let it be know, across the internet, that The Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy is formally ON NOTICE as of right now. You’d better not wander into any dark alleys Kirtley/Adams.

Jesse Willis

The Reel Pour podcast (feed)

I just recently found this really interesting podcast... I thought you might want to do a review of. These 3 guys in Chicago pair wine and movies together.... They taste, discuss and review both at the same time... it's really interesting, and kinda funny too. I actually learn a little about wine too. (it's not condescending which is nice) it's called "Reel Pour" and I found it on itunes, check it out.

- Brian Bondragazon

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