Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kashmir - Rear Vision

Rear Vision is a wonderful Australian radio program and podcast that is always there to inform you with historic background about one hot spot or another in the world. Thus I have learned about the history of Fiji, Haiti and Yemen among many other places and subjects that were tackled. Within this wonderful repertoire another region was added just now: Kashmir.

Kashmir was not only the complicated testing ground of the partition between India and Pakistan, it continued also to be focal point of the strained relation between these two nuclear powers. Mostly Kashmir has shown the failures on these two subjects, but in addition, Kashmir has always shown a local political landscape that runs away from what, respectively India and Pakistan would want to have and are able to control. The state of affairs is so complex, one must listen at least twice.

I have been writing a lot about podcasts related to the history of India. This issue of Rear Vision about Kashmir can be seen is fitting into the broad subject and there were more relevant podcasts I have heard of late, from the London School of Economics, Radio Open Source and TVO's Big Ideas - all with more politics and economics. More about that in the coming days.

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