Monday, November 29, 2010

Heads-up for 29 November 2010

Indicast Podcast
The Corruption Continues
When an IAS officer is caught for corruption, it isn't a big deal, but when he uses encrypted language in his telephone conversations to cover up, we also get a trailer of the hilarious side of such crimes. Listen to know what we mean! The 2G license scam has banks having withdrawal symptoms. While Dalai Lama contemplates retirement, the pope approves selective condom use. In sports, Kumble and Srinath become the new face of Karnataka cricket.
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Russian Rulers History Podcast
Muscovite Education
Were the Muscovites literate? Did they have an educational system? We answer these questions in today's short podcast.
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The History of Rome
Aurelian's Walls
Aurelian became Emperor in 270 and immediatly faced an invasion of Italy by the Juthungi. After succesfully driving the Germans off, Aurelian turned his attention to building a new wall circuit around Rome to protect the capital in the future.
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Media Matters with Bob McChesney
Sunday November 28, 2010
McChesney and Nichols discuss "The Money and Media Election Complex"
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Europe from its Origins
Episode 18 AD 1276 - 1347
After Acre fell in 1291, it was to be more than a hundred years before European princes would undertake another major Crusade. Why was this so?
In this episode we see the emergence of Ottoman power in north-west Anatolia, sealing the permanent civilizational loss of Graeco-Roman Asia Minor to Christendom.
Europe, in contrast, appeared to be powerful and united under papal leadership, as the Republic of Christendom. But within European society deep political changes were afoot that would lead to centuries of internal civil war and paralysis vis-à-vis the wider Mediterranean world.
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Mahabharata Podcast
Episode 34 - Monkey's Uncle
Episode 34 - The Pandavas resume center stage as the main characters of this episode. They continue their trek through the mountains until the going gets too rough for Draupadi. Bhima summons his half-Rakshasa son, Gatotkacha, who can fly, and they are carried the rest of their journey to the Ashram of Nar-Narayan.
While hanging out at this heavenly retreat, Draupadi sends Bhima off to find her some special lotus blossoms. Along the way, Bhima meets up with Hanuman, who it turns out is his brother (both are sons of the Wind God).
The quest for the Lotus Blossom finally leads Bhima to Kubera's Pleasure Garden, which is guarded by hordes of Rakshasas. Bhima makes short work of them and takes a dip in Kubera's pond.
Yuddistira gets suspicious and has Gatotkacha take them to Bhima. Kubera takes the destruction of his gardens and the death of his guards pretty lightly, and he allows the Pandavas to stay in his garden as long as they like. We leave them there until next Episode, when Arjun finally makes his return.
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Reported podcasts since July 2010

Hi Anne,

I'd really appreciate you reviewing our podcast: The Ministry of Geek, a light-hearted, entertaining and often-times acerbic take on technology issues and geekdom from Downunder (in an easily digestible 30-40 minute format).

We're getting great word of mouth down here, but would love to pick up some global listeners out there who might enjoy our unique vibe.

Kind regards,
Richard F

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The company I am doing an internship with have just started doing a really quality weekly podcast. It's about the arts and music scene in Liverpool UK. Just wondering if you want to review it?

Here is the podcast Mercy Podcast (feed)

I am looking around for podcast review shows/blogs in general- do you know of any other really good ones?

It'd be really great if you could help me, I am aiming to be the best intern of all time.

Let me know!

Thank you

Emma Hammond

Hi, There! My name is Chris, and I'm the head writer for a sketch comedy podcast called "The Abraham Lincoln Show." I have been working to promote our new show recently, so I thought I'd forward along ours for your consideration, in hopes that it might be reviewed on your blog. (feed)

"The Abraham Lincoln Show" is a fully-scripted podcast featuring Abraham Lincoln hosting a radio talk show, with appearances by Hannibal Hamlin, Mary Todd Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, Albert Einstein, and others. It also features satire of TV, Film, commercials, and more. It's an absurd sort of podcast that mixes a fast pace with an "Out-there" sense of humor. We have our pilot episode, a summer special, and several preview clips on our blog right now, and we plan to premiere Season One (Starting with episode 102, 7 new episodes are planned) on Sunday, October 24th. I'd be thrilled if you'd take the time to review our show!

Fair warning: Our show does contain some explicit content (not a ton, but enough to warrant an "Explicit" tag), so if you are typically not a fan of these sorts of podcasts, then I completely understand.

Below is a link to our blog which contains all of our current content, and links to our RSS and iTunes pages. I am also happy to send you an advance copy of our Season Premiere episode which comes out next week for your review. I hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to any feedback you can provide. Thanks!

Chris Michaud