Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Prosperity Show

I have never been a regular listener to The Prosperity Show. Joan Sotkin has made this podcast over the past two years, but recently decided she needed some respiration room, as she has two businesses in addition to attend to. Hence, she has suspended the podcast until further notice.

The subtitle of the podcast is: "Tips and Techniques for Improving Your Relationship with Money and Yourself." So if you thought, like me, that a show about prosperity would only be about money and consequently about investment tips and accounting techniques, you'll find that it is so much more than that. If not, completely different. Joan delivers practical advice as to how to deal with your money (like writing it down, placing it in the right savings accounts and how to deal with taxes), but mostly the show has a more psychological angle. As indeed the subtitle indicates: the show is intended to improve your relationship with money and consequently with yourself.

Still it is not entirely my cup of tea, but nevertheless she delivered some well spent listening hours. And therefore, even if the podcast is suspended, there are plenty of shows to be had from the archives and serve the appropriate listeners.