Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anne is a Man podcast reviews in the coming days

I will be on a short vacation with my wife and kids and I do not expect to be around to write podcast reviews as regularly as you are used. So, as a teaser, here are a couple of my reviewing plans for the coming days, without knowing exactly when they will eventually appear.

-BBC's In Our Time about Aldous Huxley's Brave New World will be in the feed for two more days. It is warmly recommended, also for those (like me) who have not read the book. By the time the review will come around, the podcast will be gone. So download now, read about it later.

-VPRO's Marathon Interview has an extensive archive in which, apparently, the best material can nearly go missing. The 1986 series have been released to podcast already a long time ago. Except for Martin van Amerongen's talk with Karel van het Reve which was discovered only now. Five hours of intellectual challenge with alrady in the first hour 'that Idi Amin' (God) and the 'Charlatan from Vienna' (Freud).

-ABC's Rear Vision had a charming and informative item about the history of coffee and coffee's impact on history.

-UChannel Podcast spoke about disasters and the unexpected effect on peacemaking processes. This is applied to Sri Lanka and Aceh, but Israel and Palestine are on my mind as usual.

- After a hiatus of six months, the Hebrew Podacast קטעים בהיסטוריה (pieces of history) is back with a double feature about the American War of Independence.

Furthermore, I will report about the readership of the blog (which I try to do every quarter) and report the results of the Anne is a Man campaign. There will be a new campaign in which the blog's readers can participate to stimulate Anne is a Man. Standby.

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Electric Cars - My former boss at TED

To have feasible electric cars would do a whole lot of good. In several posts about issues of Global Warming on this blog it has been pointed out how important it is to minimize the CO2 output, but even those that are skeptic about Global Warming or about our impact on global warming, agree that the measure to which we become oil-independent, we improve the world politically and socially. Why all this is, has been said before. Let us look at the question how to achieve it. Specifically, how we can turn an entire country to electric cars.

In this TED Talk, Shai Agassi explains the workings of his company that aims to bring electric cars to the world, starting with Israel and also Denmark, Australia and California. He explains the approach to the technical issues of making an electric car economically attractive and to the political issue of adapting the infrastructure and of course to the companies and countries that have decided to team up with him.

Before I let you watch the video I have to tell that Shai Agassi is my former boss. Not only at SAP, but also at TopTier, the Israeli company that was bought by SAP and from which Agassi was CEO and he moved on to the executive board of SAP until he quit and took up the electric car project Better Place. I have come to know Agassi as a very charismatic motivational speaker. It was invigorating to work for him and I am very pleased he moved his formidable powers to a laudable goal such as oil-independence for Israel and the world.

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Podcast Flavius bij de joodse omroep

De makers van OVT hebben zich voor de Joodse Omroep gezet aan een radioprogramma dat de naam Flavius heeft meegekregen. Het programma is ook als podcast beschikbaar (feed). Er zijn reeds zeven uitzendingen uitgebracht. Ik ben met luisteren begonnen bij de eerste aflevering.

Flavius is een licht, historisch programma dat (althans de eerste uitzending) in alles vergelijkbaar is met OVT (presentatie Jos Palm en Matthijs Deen, gast Fik Meijer), maar zo mogelijk nog lichter is dan dat. Ik heb wel eens kritiek gehoord op OVT dat het teveel geklets werd en dat gaat voor deze aflevering van Flavius zeker op waar het over de gemberbolus ging, maar voor de liefhebbers van het lichte genre is er toch ook veel te genieten.

Natuurlijk moest er een uitleg over Josephus Flavius bij. Fik Meijer heeft de Joodse historicus die namens de Romeinen over de onderdrukking van Judea schreef, vertaald. Hij legt uit waarom Flavius eigenlijk in Joodse ogen een verrader is. Niettemin was hij een uniek geschiedschrijver en daarom werd zijn naam aan het joodse historische programma verbonden. Ik kan me niet voorstellen dat iedereen hier even gelukkig mee is.

Het beste onderdeel vond ik wel het gesprek over Jozef Israel de Haan. Een fascinerende, veelzijdige figuur die in al zijn veelzijdigheid de revue passeert. Er had wat tijd van de bolus af gemogen zodat we De Haan wat beter hadden kunnen leren kennen.

Hoe dan ook. Ik ben nog niet klaar met Flavius. Ik ga zeker nog meer afleveringen beluisteren en wellicht volgen er dan ook nog meer recensies.

Meer OVT:
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Giordano Bruno,
Maria Stuart,
Jeanne d'Arc.

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