Saturday, July 31, 2010

New podcasts in June and July 2010 - Anne is a Man

I have not summarized the newly reviewed podcasts in two months, so finally here goes:

History of Jerusalem (UCLA) (review, site, feed)
All you needed to know about the Middle-East in a 3000 year span nut shell is offered in this course.

Irish History Podcast (review, site, feed)
New podcast that takes on the history of Ireland in chronological order, starting in Roman times and quickly proceeding to the Middle Ages.

Irish Hedgerow history Lessons (review, sitefeed)
Irish roots podcast with assorted items about Irish history.

History of the American Revolution (reviewsitefeed)
Kurtis Ford, retells the American history in quite extensive detail and with great narrative power with a very personal touch.

The Geologic Podcast (reviewsitefeed)
Comedy podcast by George Hrab - this is not about geology.

Mahabharata Podcast (reviewsitefeed)
Narrative podcast taking on the mighty task of retelling (and abridging) the Mahabharata.

Sports (World Cup and Tour de France):
World Cup Daily (The Guardian) (review, site, feed)

FIFA World Cup Today (ESPN Radio) (review, site, feed)

ITV Tour de France Podcast (review, site, feed)

The Cycling News Podcast (review, site, feed)

VeloCast (review, sitefeed)

Le Journal du Tour (Radio Sud) (review, site, feed) (in French)