Saturday, October 13, 2007

Even the tiniest of accidents...

On Friday I was in a rear-end collision. I stopped before a crossing to let some children pass the street. My kids were in the car as I had just collected them from school and daycare. The pedestrians had nearly finished crossing the street when someone banged into us from behind. It was about noon. We were to spend the rest of the day dealing with the results of what is by all standards a minute accident. And still.

The impact from behind had me groggy for a couple of seconds and then, in a haze I exchanged details with the other driver. I glanced my kids in the back and saw them sweating (it was a hot midday) and anxiously, but passively eying me in return. I got home and proceeded phoning insurance, after having made sure the kids were more or less all right and had something to eat and to drink. Fortunately my wife arrived soon afterwards and she took us to the hospital for a check up. By the evening we were all declared healthy. Though my oldest was complaining about headache and I was aching all over my spine up to my head and stiff all over.

My youngest cannot talk yet, so it is hard to tell what effect the collision has had on him. He has been a bit restless and crying abnormally, both on Friday and on Shabbat. On Shabbat the headaches of my oldest subsided, though I myself continued to ache. Pain killers proved some relief, but still it has been hard for me to stay in any position (sitting, lying, standing; whatever) for any time over minute. I also have a hard time concentrating on reading or listening to podcasts - now that is a blow.