Friday, August 20, 2010

Hidden Heritage: National Heritage Week Podcast Series

Here is a new podcast series that just started and probably is not going to go on for very long since it is connected to one event: the Irish National Heritage Week. The maker of the podcast is Fin Dwyer, the same historian who brings us the Irish History Podcast. Fin apparently thought that while celebrating Irish heritage, it would be a good idea to highlight what has remained hidden, hence: Hidden Heritage: National Heritage Week Podcast Series. (feed)

Until yesterday there was only one issue still in the series, but this one issue gives a taste for more. It tells about those ships from the Spanish Armada that were caught on the coasts of Ireland and either went down there or got stranded or made a dangerous landing facing the not so friendly Irish.

The crews were already in a bad situation and as not many survived their fate in Ireland, Fin tells one story of a couple of ships that landed and how the survivors got on the one remotely sailable ship to flee the island and try to make it for Scotland. They were 1300, too many for this boat that normally could carry only 800 or so.

Listen in, to find out how the history of the Spanish Armada is part of Irish Heritage.

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