Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Structure of English Words - Stanford lecture series

The university of Stanford is an excellent provider of high quality lecture series through iTunesU. Not all of the audio and video that is available is syndicated and therefore, technically, a podcast. Nevertheless, based on the nature of the content and the accessibility through iTunes, the content is worth checking out for the readers of this blog. For example, I have been listening to the series by William R. Leben about the Structure of English Words. Leben gives a lively insight into the language we are using everyday.

John Kerry on averting the disasters of climate change - UChannel

The UChannel podcast is a compiled feed of lectures at academic institutes all over the world. It is a feed to subscribe to and to pick your favorites from. With an input of more than one lecture per day, I guess there is nobody who listens to them all.

UChannel is an excellent choice to stay updated on hot issues such as the Middle East and Climate Change. On the latter there was a lecture recently by former presidential candidate John Kerry. Kerry speak of what the Americans should do, and have not done thus far, in order to minimize the human impact in climate change and to avert disaster from happening.